0. No Thank You

The covid policies are causing great harm. If Government is going to impose widespread invasive health interventions, like lockdowns and mask mandates, there has to be open and honest assessment of the harm and benefit. Data must be presented to justify the suspension of our rights and intrusion on our behavior. Instead threats have been used to silence medical professionals and censorship to stifle dissent. Do as you’re told. This attitude is incompatible with democracy. Say no thank you. No, I won’t close my business. No, I won’t segregate my customers. No, I won’t mask my children or myself. No thank you.

1. Fiscal prudence, fight inflation

Large deficits, the carbon tax, 400,000 new Canadians every year, and monetary stimulus all put upwards pressure on prices. The hidden tax of inflation is regressive and most hurts the poor who proportional to their assets have the largest amount held in cash. The Peoples Party will cut taxes, corporate welfare ($5B-$10B), foreign development aid ($5B), CBC ($1B), equalization payments, and funding for programs which are provincial or municipal responsibilities. The budget won’t balance itself, but the Peoples Party will balance it!

2. Purple’s the new Green

The apocalyptic predictions of climate models are not true. Being a good steward of the environment is more complicated than the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. Wind and solar power in their own ways cause extreme environmental damage. Subsidizing electric carts for wealthy Canadians isn’t reasonable environmental policy. We have to bring back common sense to these discussions. Real change on our environmental impact will only come from individual choices and community initiatives that assess our entire footprint. Top down federal central planning only leads to absurdity and waste.

3. Protect Women’s Rights

Gender identity is a social construct, but biological sex is an immutable fact. Women have the right to protect themselves and their communities. Male bodies present an unfair advantage in sport and a present and real danger in vulnerable places like prisons or rape shelters. Male pattern violence is a well documented fact, and there is no reason to believe that gender identity reduces it. Children being treated with experimental, life altering, medical procedures is not healthcare. Exclusionary trans ideology needs to be tempered with fact based common sense. The definition of Women is biological sex not gender identity, and sex based rights are defined in our charter. We need to stand up for them.

4. Boycott Beijing 2022

In recent years the Chinese Communist Party has broken its agreement with Hong Kong, militarized international water, and kidnapped Canadian citizens to use for hostage diplomacy. The extensive covert influence and espionage tactics used by the CCP’s United Front must be exposed. They must be diplomatically isolated, and disengaged from. Western countries have operated under the naive assumption that integration with CCP controlled China would lead to its liberalization. That is not happening. The reverse is happening: China’s authoritarian influence is undermining Western Democracies. We must say what they do not wish to have said. The oppression of Tibet, Xinjiang (East Turkestan) and Falun Dafa is ongoing genocide. Taiwan is not part of China. The Tienanmen Square massacre was a crime against humanity and those responsible should face justice. No we will not attend your Olympics and legitimize your terror.

5. Protect Democracy & the Rule of Law

Laws are no longer created in parliament with open debate and accountable representatives but they are mandated. Required vaccines on flights, closing the US border, outlawing formerly legal guns, allowing trans women into women’s prisons were all done without parliament. This disregard of the democratic process cannot be normalized. Democracy is a delicate balance between many opposing powers. Rights are there specifically to protect minorities from the tyranny of the majority. Judges are meant to interpret the law as written not reinterpret it with an activist agenda. Restoring and protecting our democracy is the most important reason to send a PPC candidate to Ottawa this election.

The key principles for a way forward are respect, freedom, fairness, & responsibility. We can do much better than we have been. View the whole Peoples Party platform here.